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Understanding the importance of creating a WCAG compliant website

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, (WCAG), define how to make your website build more accessible against certain criteria.


The 13 guidelines provide the basic criteria that designers and content creators should work toward to make content more accessible to all website users.

It has been reported that 97.8% of websites have Level AA failures meaning that many organizations are at risk of not complying with many accessibility legislations.


Remove the fear and complexity from accessibility laws

Web accessibility laws don't have to be scary and complicated. Recite Me is here to educate and support you through this journey to make sure you provide a well-built complaint website and an inclusive experience for all your website visitors.

United States & Canada

Organisations in the United States & Canada need to follow strict guidelines to support people online

United Kingdom

The UK is covered by three main laws to support people online with an accessible experience. 


Website visitors across Europe are protected by two main accessibility laws.

"It is a pleasure to work with a specialist provider like Recite Me who takes great care to understand customer needs. We are proud to be a digitally inclusive company that values each and every online visitor” 

Subhash Mishra, Head of Digital Strategy, FirstRail
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